The Roommates Five bosomy buddies take off for a little fun and sun and end up involved with handsome new men. Their fun abruptly ends... (1973) [Class of '74 image is not available]

Class of '74 (1972)

Twilight People Dashing adventurer Matt Farrell (John Ashley) is captured and taken to a remote island in the South Pacific, where he is... (1972)

The Woman Hunt This is a Filipino version of the oft-filmed Most Dangerous Game. In this one, the hunted are semi-clad women kidnapped by a... (1972)

Big Doll House Jack Hill directed this alternately brutal and campy look at desperate women behind bars. An American named Collier... (1971)

The Munsters: A Visit from the Teacher In this final episode of The Munsters, former Petticoat Junction costar Pat Woodell appears as schoolteacher Miss Thompson,... (1966)

Petticoat Junction: Season 02 The second season of Petticoat Junction carries on the tradition of season one: Widowed Kate Bradley (Bea Benaderet)... (1964) Bobbie Jo Bradley

Petticoat Junction: Season 01 Strictly speaking, there are but four basic plotlines during the first season of Petticoat Junction. The first concerns the... (1963) Bobbie Jo Bradley

Red Nightmare Jack Webb serves and host and narrator of this justifiably infamous propaganda short, produced under the auspices of Warner... (1957)

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